About Us

The desire of every parent is to ensure that they bring up their kids healthy. It’s for this reason that the Smart Healthy Kids magazine was created. We are a team of concerned parents who are tired of reading about cases of children being overweight or obese, sickly, poorly fed, antisocial and many other health related problems that affect kids in America. It’s for this reason that we have created this online platform for parents to learn, interact, and share ideas on how to ensure they bring up their kids healthy.

We are a leading online platform that is appreciated by many parents in America and beyond because we ensure well researched, informative, timely and accurate content. Because of the interactive nature of this platform, parents can get timely feedback with solutions to some of the common problems they face, test out these solutions and share the results with other parents on the platform. This has made our website the go to platform for both new and experienced parents looking to raise their children in a healthy way.

We therefore welcome you to our journey and encourage you to come with an open mind to receive as well as share your parenting insight.

Felix S. Well – Founder, Smart Healthy Kids