Here are 5 health benefits of playing video games

The increasing popularity of video games has left many parents worried that they in some way will affect their kids especially their ability to develop social skills as well as participate in other outdoor activities such as sports. This however is a misconception as recent research indicates that games actually have very good benefits to a child’s development especially their cognitive development.

Here are 5 health benefits that children get from playing video games.

They help in improving coordination

Video games of today are very interactive and immersive therefore they engage different sections of a child’s brain simultaneously. Most games will require children to make use of their audial, visual as well as physical movements simultaneously during game play and this helps to improve their coordination. These are benefits that will come in handy when they take part in outdoor activities such as sports.

They help in improving problem-solving skills

Video games are designed in a way that they provide a problem which the gamer is challenged to solve in order to be able to move to the next level. The game also needs to be played within certain set rules. This essentially means that players have to learn to understand problems and find creative solutions to these problems and this is essentially what gaming is all about. Problem solving skills are very vital in a child’s development and will come in handy in their future.

They help in enhancing memory development

As part of game play, players will always be given a set of rules at the start of the game which they are meant to internalize and memorize because they will require them during game play and it may be the only way for them to progress to the next level. This constant need to memorize and remember these rules helps in enhancing memory development of kids, both their short- term and long-term memories.

Games can be a great learning aid

There are numerous games that have been designed to act as learning aids for children. These games are meant to help improve the child’s cognitive and creative skills as the games help engage and stimulate different sections of their brains. The games range from puzzle to word games, and many more that have tremendous benefits on a child’s development.

They help in improving social skills

Many games today have a component of engaging multiple players on one platform either to collaborate or compete with each other. Such platforms have provided a good avenue for children to develop social skills as they can interact with each other in real time on a personal level. Once these children learn how to develop these relationships online they can easily transfer this knowledge offline.

It’s however important to note that video games should be played in moderation as they have been proven to be very addictive and therefore disruptive to a child’s development. Parents are therefore encouraged to ensure kids engage in video games under their supervision.