3 ways to protect your child during the flu season

There is no time that parents dread like the flu season. The moment one of your kids catches it you can be guaranteed that the rest of the kids will catch it and finally the parents will catch it. Generally, eating healthy is the first defense against the flu because it helps strengthen the body’s immunity but there are other measures you can put in place to protect your kids.

Here are 3 ways to protect your child during flu season.

Ensure your kids stay healthy

The best prevention for the flu is staying healthy through good nutrition, sufficient rest and enough exercise. These will help strengthen your kid’s immune system to enable it fend off any potential illnesses. Most importantly, ensure your kids consume sufficient fruits as they are rich in much needed vitamins that will give a much needed boost to their body’s immune system.

Ensure you child gets the right flu vaccine

Vaccines have been proven to be around 62 per cent effective in protecting children from flu. This means that in addition to proper diet it can be a very effective way of keeping your child flu-free this season. Therefore visit your doctor and find out which flu shot is available for this season and have it administered to your child as soon as possible.

Nurture good coughing etiquette

Studies have shown that the flu germs can spread as far as 6 feet when a person coughs or sneezes. It’s therefore important to nurture good coughing and sneezing etiquette by teaching your kids to cover their mouth as well as nose when they sneeze or cough and ensure they clean their hands afterwards. This will prevent them from spreading the flu to others if they catch it.

With these measures in place you can guarantee yourself a flu-free home during the coming flu season.